Add "Edit with Fireworks" on right click of images - Windows Context Menu

How to add “Edit with Fireworks” to Windows Context Menu

If you like the speed of Windows Image Preview but can’t stand anymore to right click, Edit With -> Fireworks and wished there was a faster way to do it, this is your lucky day.

Here’s how you Add “Edit with Fireworks” to Windows Context Menu, in a few steps:

Edit image on right click of windows - ContextEdit

You can assign different right-click actions based on the file extension

  1. First, we gonna need a free, open source software called ContextEdit
    Official download link (Softpedia)
    Alternative link (hosted here)
  2. Download it, unzip and run Setup.exe
  3. After install, go to the program folder (eg: C:/Program Files (x86)/ContextEdit) and run ContextEdit.exe
  4. You will then be presented with a screen very similar to the one above.
  5. Search for .jpg and click on New
  6. It will give a small warning, just hit OK and it will change from .jpg to JPEG Image, which covers .jpg and .jpeg
  7. On the input box, type “Edit with Fireworks”
  8. You wanna configure your settings like this:ContextEdit - Edit with Fireworks on right click - Configuration Example
  9. Menu text: Edit with Fireworks
  10. Command line: Click Browse and navigate to your Adobe Fireworks installation folder and double click Fireworks.exe
  11. Done!

Now you can YAAAAY like a boss! Don’t even need to restart your computer!

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