Lucas Bustamante
PHP Back-end Programmer, specialized in WordPress.
I'm an experienced PHP programmer, focused on WordPress development. I have worked on big agencies taking care of some really large websites, building a lot of new ones, writing custom plugins, releasing open-source plugins to the WordPress community and so on. I'm passionate about philosophy, seeking wisdom in every lesson life has to offer. This mentality of being conscious and present is what drives my gut of writing clean code, and, at the same time, allows me to take a deep breath by the end of the day and go do something that I enjoy. I like to ride my motorcycle with friends, play games, ride my skateboard and bike and, hopefully soon, to surf. I`m family guy and I love to share my hobbies with my girlfriend, which is a one-of-a-kind girl. And of course, I'm a fluent speaker of memes.

GitHub/Luc45 - Link to open-source projects I created/contributed to.

StackOverflow - Link to my Stack Overflow profile.

Medium.com/@lucasbustamante - My blog
Lucas Bustamante - WordPress developer